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How to Get $1000 Scholarship for Day 1 CPT Programs at Westcliff University

I trust ”You might have watched our last two videos and taken a look at what is CPT and how to choose Day 1 CPT universities at this moment. Today, we will get into more details, focusing on one of the most currently popular Day 1 CPT universities in California: Westcliff University. We will provide you with crucial information about its Day 1 CPT programs, share with you how they are reviewed by previous students, and more importantly, give you a step-by-step guide on how to get the $1000 scholarship for its Day 1 CPT programs.

Westcliff Day 1 CPT Program Honest Review

Student’s Review on Westcliff Day CPT Programs

Shaan is an alumnus of Westcliff University. He graduated from Westcliff University’s DBA program last year and currently working in the Bay Area with an H1B visa. When talking about his days at Westcliff University, Shann seems very pleased and grateful. He said, as a Day 1 CPT school, Westcliff University provides more than a preferable internship policy. He learned a lot and built a valuable network at Westcliff.

Westcliff Students have a Low RFE Rate Among all Day 1 CPT Universities

According to Shaan, the courses at Westcliff are not easy, and getting a GPA above 3.0 requires effort. But he also emphasized that although the coursework is more than other Day 1 CPT schools, Westcliff University provides sufficient support for its students and is dedicated to ensuring the legitimacy of its programs. “This is very important, especially if you plan to stay in the U.S. after graduating. This is way more important than being cheap or having less homework for the long run,” he added.

Westcliff University enjoys a favorable reputation with the USCIS. Most of its Day 1 CPT students do not receive an RFE when applying for an H1B. Of those who face an RFE, 95% have passed.

It has been adapting to new situations ever since the post-pandemic era started. Once again, it optimized its admissions procedure. You no longer need a recommendation letter, or a personal statement while applying for a Day 1 CPT program at Westcliff University. By simplifying the bureaucratic procedures, Westcliff University can send out an official offer letter as short as two weeks after receiving your application, presumably you are qualified.

STEM DBA Guarantees a 3-Year OPT after Graduation

One of the most popular Day 1 CPT programs at Westcliff University is DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration). It is different from a traditional Ph.D. or EMBA in that it emphasizes less theoretical training but rather teaches problem-solving skills. The best part of choosing a DBA as your Day 1 CPT program is that with at least 3 years of the study period, it provides you enough time for many rounds of H1B draw. Plus, Westcliff University’s DBA is a certified STEM program, which comes with another 3 years of OPT afterward. You will have 6 years in total to get an H1B or to complete your Green Card application.

It costs $775 per credit hour for the DBA program. You will need 60 credit hours to graduate, which brings the total cost to $46,500.

Other than DBA, Westcliff University also offers other programs that support Day 1 CPT such as MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science, yet another popular program at Westcliff University), MS Engineering Management, MS Information Technology, and MBA.

How To Get the $1000 Scholarship

As Westcliff’s official partner, provides a $1000 tuition deduction for international students now. This benefit applies to all Day 1 CPT programs at Westcliff University. If you wish to get this scholarship, simply follow the instructions below while submitting your application. Applying via can also help you waive the application fee.

If you run into any trouble while applying, please contact us for help (fill out the form below, and our experts will contact you within 2 business days). If you intend to DIY the application, our consultation is free. If you wish us to apply for you on your behalf, we will charge a $1500 fee.

We highly recommend you apply by yourself, as most of our students do unless you have a complicated case. The application process is fairly simple and if you need assistance throughout the process, we provide a free consultation.

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