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Sofia University Day 1 CPT

Sofia University has an advantage that many of its competitors don’t, namely its wonderful location. Established in 1975, Sofia has developed into one of the best universities in the region. It acquired WASC accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WSCUC) in 1998. This is the highest form of accreditation. It is the same accreditation that Stanford University and UCLA have. In addition, Sofia University is also accredited by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and the U.S. Department of Education.


*Note: In the USA, regional accreditation is harder to get than national accreditation.

Sofia University has two campuses. The original one is at the core of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, which is about 15 minutes drive from the headquarters of Google, Apple, and Meta. The other campus is in the southern part of California, near Los Angeles.

The MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science), MBA and DBA at Sofia University support day 1 CPT. Its MBA has five concentrations: Business Analytics; Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness; Management of Technology and Innovation; General Concentration; and STEM concentration Data Analytics. The DBA has These are the most popular subjects among employees in the big techs.

The CS program at Sofia University is open to those who had no background in computer science as well. It is a perfect place to start your tech journey if you wish. The courses are designed to ease you in and help you build a strong knowledge of the field. Since it is so close to Silicon Valley, its CS students often enroll in the internship class and use day 1 CPT to work at tech companies nearby to gain working experience. Hence, their academic and practical ability can progress hand in hand.

Sofia University has a very flexible CPT policy that is dedicated to supporting international students. CPT is well accepted by tech companies as a type of work permit, though few of them are willing to make the extra effort to help international students with the paper works. For example, some companies in the bay area will have no problem hiring you if you are using a CPT I-20, but they won’t provide certain documents to help you with your CPT application at school. Some day 1 CPT universities are very rigid when it comes down to the CTP approval process, but not Sofia. Sofia University accepts other forms of supporting documents, which makes your CPT application process much smoother.

In addition, you can enjoy a gap semester after you’ve studied for every three semesters. Your CPT will still be valid during the gap semester. If you find your workload is too high and have a hard time balancing your work and your study, you can even talk to your advisor about RCL (Reduce Course Load). Sofia University provides personalized support to its international students and earned quite a reputation among international students.

As to the cost, Sofia University charges a minimum of $572 for each credit. Usually, each quarter costs you $3290. At Sofia, you can apply for scholarships up to $1000. This is very reasonable and compatible tuition considering its golden location and the quality of its program.

The only downside of studying at Sofia University is that it has a relatively high on-site study frequency compared to other day 1 CPT universities. International students must take at least 6 credits (2 courses) each quarter. One of them is an online course, the other must be on-site. Each on-site course has 5 study sections (classes), among which three of them must be attended in person. These classes usually take place on weekends, either on a Saturday or a Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, once per month. As to the online classes, they do not have a fixed schedule. You can log in to the online study platform anytime you want.

Sofia University is a great choice for those who need day 1 CPT, however, you need proof of address in California to apply for it. If you have other questions regarding its programs or application process, you are welcome to contact us. We provide free consultations and can help you waive the application fee.

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**Reference: Sofia University’s Internship Policy

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