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Which ICC Accepts Day 1 CPT or H1B Transfer?

Day 1 CPT is a great option if you wish to gather some internship experiences while studying in America. However, many of our students face the problem of not being able to find an employer that happily accepts their CPT i-20. Today, let’s talk about how to find employers while using day 1 CPT.

First, we’d like to introduce you to a very useful tool – the CPT employers search list:

Then, let’s check some popular ICC and their newly updated policies regarding accepting CPT、day1cpt, and H1B transfers.

undefined CPT Day 1 CPT H1B Transfer
SIGMA BA/DA❌; DE & Java✅
USC Need 2+ years of working experience ✅

What does it mean when a company indicates that they accept CPT but not day 1 CPT?

It means if you failed to get an H1B visa while working there by using OPT, you can consider using CPT as a backup plan. However, if you are a new employee and trying to get into the company with only an initial CPT i-20, you will have a much less chance to be considered.

H1B Transfer

If you’ve already had an H1B but got laid off, you will have 60-day grace period during which you need to either find a new employer or leave the U.S.

Under this circumstance, you’ll need to check with potential employers on their H1B transfer policy. Not all employers will accept H1B transfers, especially in the ICC world. Those who do accept H1B transfers may also have other restrictions that come with it. For examples:

  • Only certain positions in those companies would accept H1B transfers (DE & Java @ Sigma)
  • Only people with enough working experience would be allowed to transfer their previous H1B
  • ICC will only accept H1B transfers after their marketing department finds a project for you

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