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Exploring Day 1 CPT Universities: Choosing the Right Day 1 CPT Program and Maximizing Career Development

One of the most frequently asked questions during our consultations is, "Which Day 1 CPT program should I choose?" Some of our students have preferred Day 1 CPT universities in mind; however, these Day 1 CPT schools may not offer programs that align with their backgrounds. In these cases, we will need to spend quite an effort to convince students to choose a different Day 1 CPT university.

Your Day 1 CPT major must be closely related to your current job or the job/internship you wish to get in the foreseeable future, otherwise, you risk not being able to get the Day 1 CPT work authorization after enrollment. Accredited Day 1 CPT universities will not bend their rules and regulations for one individual. Even if they decided to be “flexible” for you, your CPT record will raise a red flag to USCIS officials after you are selected for an H1B visa. It is highly possible; you won’t pass the RFE in that case.

How to choose the right Day 1 CPT major at Day 1 CPT universities

When Don’t Know How to Choose, Choose MBA?

MBA, as mentioned in our previous post, is one of the most versatile programs that can cater to the needs of most individuals. However, even in such cases, it is advisable to err on the side of caution. It is important to be able to demonstrate that management skills are a necessary requirement in your current or, at least, future work.

If you are unsure about whether your background or your current internship can fulfill the requirement for CPT authorization under an MBA program, contact our expert for a free evaluation.

Can I Completely Change My Career Path When Enrolling in Day 1 CPT Universities?

Another scenario that we frequently encounter is related to a change of career path. Many who come to the U.S. wish they can enter the tech industry since it has more job opportunities and higher income levels compared to other industries.

Some of our students aspire to learn to code and aim to leverage the opportunity of studying at one of the Day 1 CPT universities to pursue a second career as a coder.

However, due to a lack of coding background, they often face challenges in being hired as coders, even for internships. As a result, they end up performing administrative work at a tech company during their internships, which makes it difficult for them to practice their coding skills. In such cases, the Day 1 CPT school is compelled to discontinue issuing CPT authorization for them, unless their employer is willing to provide proof that they are utilizing coding skills to complete their tasks at work.

While it is important to ensure that your Day 1 CPT major is not too like your previous master's degree, it is also crucial to keep in mind that making a complete career change may result in difficulties in securing a job that aligns with the description of your second master's degree. You want the transition to be as smooth as possible upon graduation.

Popular Day 1 CPT Programs at Well-Known Day 1 CPT Universities

We have taken the time to compile the following table, which includes some of the most inquired Day 1 CPT majors and the corresponding universities that offer them. We hope this information will assist you in making a more informed decision.

  Westcliff University Monroe College Harrisburg University CiAM Ottawa University NLU
Accredited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Location Irvine, CA New Rochelle, NY Harrisburg, PA Alhambra, CA Overland Park, KS Tampa, FL
Cerritos, CA   Philadephia, PA   Brookfield, WI  
Miami, FL   Dubai, UAE   Surprise, AZ  
On-Site 1/sem 1/month 1/month 1/month 1/2months 1/sem
School Type For-Profit For-Profit Non-Profit Non-Profit Non-Profit Non-Profit
DS/BA Certificate / DS Certificate / / / /
Project Management MSEM / MSPM / / /
Duration 2-3.5 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years

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