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NLU and Its Day 1 CPT Program


National Louis University Overview:

National Louis University (NLU) has been around for over 130 years. Its main campus is in Chicago and in the 80s, it opened a campus in Tampa, FL, which is where the DBA program is located.

National Louis University is regionally accredited by the Higher Association of Colleges and Schools, which is the highest level of accreditation. In addition, NLU is a participant in the HLC’s Academic Quality Improvement Program.

The DBA program at NLU is a Day 1 CPT program. Most of the students who applied to this program are individuals who have a master's degree and finishing up their OPT. They’d like to continue with their academic advancement but also want to have the opportunity to develop their career in the United States. NLU’s DBA program allows them seamlessly to transfer from OPT to CPT when they begin the program.


The DBA program offers 4 concentrations:

  • Accounting

  • International Business

  • Marketing

  • Management

The DBA program is open to students across the United States. Therefore, some of the students may have to travel to campus. The university requires the students to show up in person once a semester to study on-site. This usually is arranged during weekends, from Friday midday through Sunday. NLU has three semesters every year. So, you’ll need to come to Tampa Florida three times every year——fall, winter, and summer. Students must show up on time and keep perfect attendance. This will help maintain students’ F1 status. It is important to NLU that its students comply with all SEVIS rules and regulations because this can help students keep the integrity of their F1 status.

The DBA program holds three rounds of enrollment every year. If you are interested in getting in for the coming new semester in January 2023, you should start your application by now (Oct 2022), especially if you are someone who needs an F1 visa. Or you can wait until the next semester, which is in May. And the school will start to enroll new students again in the fall, which is August.

Although the official website indicated that DBA candidates should have a business background, the admission office rarely turns students away only because they didn’t have a business degree from their previous studies. The admission office makes a great effort to be fair and not let the rigid rules become obstacles for recruiting brilliant minds. You can find the detailed admission requirements at their official website or here at


Program Duration & Tuition

The program takes 4 years (10 semesters) to complete, but it can also be shortened to 3.5 years depending on your progress.  This DBA program also has a research component, which was quite popular among previous students. The cost for the entire program is approximately $49,000.

Regarding CPT application, NLU has an excellent team dedicated to taking care of its international students who have CPT needs. If you wish to know more about CPT, day 1 CPT, we have an extensive article covering all perspectives about it. If you still have questions or are interested in OTHER day 1 CPT universities and their CPT programs, you are also welcome to contact us. Our consultant expert will reply to your message within 48 hours.


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