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Official Update: FY 2025 H1B Lottery Results Announced by USCIS

Updated by Leslie W on Apr 9, 2024

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The release of the h1b lottery results for 2025 marks a critical moment for those keen on grasping the nuances of the USCIS H1B visa process. Aspiring petitioners and beneficiaries are eager to learn what the h1b visa lottery entails and how it will shape their future endeavors. With the h1b lottery results for 2025 now available, the spotlight turns to the extended registration period and the improved electronic registration system. This system, endorsed by the USCIS, provides employers with the benefits of reduced paperwork and increased financial efficiencies.

The shift towards a more efficient H-1B selection process underscores the USCIS's commitment to refining the visa application experience. This evolution is in sync with the latest H1B news and represents a significant leap forward in the strategic preparation for H-1B filings by legal experts and companies.

USCIS Announces FY 2025 H1B Lottery Results

The USCIS has announced the h1b visa lottery 2023 results, extending the initial electronic registration period until March 25, 2024, due to technical issues. During this extended window, applicants and their legal representatives were required to register beneficiaries on the USCIS h1b registration online platform and pay a nominal $10 fee.

In an effort to enhance the h1b visa program, USCIS rolled out new myUSCIS organizational accounts on February 28, 2024. These accounts facilitate the consolidated management of h1b registrations, petitions, and requests for expedited processing through Form I-907. To further assist stakeholders, USCIS conducted informative Tech Talks in February 2024, elucidating the improvements to the electronic registration process.

Key points about the FY 2025 H-1B lottery results:

  • By March 31, 2024, the USCIS aims to notify the selected registrants and their legal representatives of the h1b 2023 lottery results via their myUSCIS online accounts, a pivotal moment in the h1b visa application process.
  • The notification for the h1b results 2023 will be distinguished by a beneficiary confirmation number starting with '2025', and it will notably exclude information regarding the service center to which it pertains.
  • The electronic registration form for the FY 2025 H-1B visa requires the provision of valid passport details for each beneficiary, a vital requirement enforced by the USCIS to ensure compliance and accuracy, ahead of the h1b application deadline 2023.
  • Applicants who are successful in the h1b 2024 visa process must set a start date of no earlier than Oct. 1 for the upcoming fiscal year, ensuring it falls within 6 months of the date USCIS receives the petition, as mandated by the H1B visa guidelines.
  • The MyUSCIS Online Portal has been updated to display the h1b results 2024, with applicants for the H1B lottery 2025 anticipating final notifications by April 1, 2024, at the latest.

H1B lottery results comparison

A comparison of the h1b lottery 2024 latest news with previous years from FY 2021 to FY 2025 reveals significant shifts and changes in the H1B visa lottery landscape, underscoring the dynamic nature of H1B news.

Fiscal Year

Total Registrations

Selected Registrations

Selection Rate

FY 2021




FY 2022




FY 2023




FY 2024




FY 2025*




*The prediction from our students' reports. Learn More from our students' course review system!

Data indicates a consistent rise in the total number of H1B visa registrations, yet the h1b quota for selected petitions remains relatively unchanged, resulting in a decreased selection rate and heightened competition in the H1B lottery.

Although the FY 2025 figures have yet to be disclosed by USCIS, the trend of previous h1b lottery results suggests an expected uptick in H1B visa registrations for h1b 2023, potentially reducing the odds of being picked in the highly competitive lottery.

How to Check Your H1B Lottery Status

To verify your H1B visa status, it's crucial to note that applicants cannot check their status online independently; they must liaise with the attorney or employer who submitted the H1B petition and can access the USCIS H1B lottery status on their behalf.

To check the H1B lottery results, the employer or attorney should:

  1. Log in to the USCIS H-1B registration online system.Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 6.02.37 PM
  2. Applicants should keep a close eye on their registration status to determine their position in the what is h1b visa lottery, with USCIS marking registrations as 'selected' upon successful inclusion in the H1B lottery results.
  3. If you're one of the fortunate individuals selected in the 'h1b lottery process', you'll discover a 'download link for the notice' within the 'actions' tab on the USCIS website, signaling your successful step forward in the h1b visa process.
  4. Upon receiving the h1b lottery results, promptly download the H1B Registration Selection Notice from the USCIS, which will clearly outline the applicant's name, company name, and the critical timeline for submitting the 'h1b petition'. If your application status is marked as 'Submitted' in the USCIS online portal, it indicates that your entry is still active in the 'registration process' for the h1b lottery, awaiting potential selection. It's advisable for applicants to consistently check their USCIS account for the most recent updates.
    Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 5.58.27 PM

Would there be a second round?

As the community awaits the H1B lottery results for 2025, many applicants and employers are contemplating the likelihood of a second selection process. Here's what we currently know from USCIS:

  • Official Stance on Second RoundTo this point, USCIS has not announced any intentions for a second round in the H1B lottery 2025, and the procedure for this fiscal year is expected to conclude with the final h1b lottery 2024 latest news by April 1, 2024.
  • Direct Communication Employers or authorized representatives who have submitted H1B petitions will receive direct notifications from USCIS about the H1B lottery results for 2025, keeping them informed of their application status for the H1B 2024 season.
  • Potential for Additional Lotteries While not confirmed, USCIS has suggested the possibility of additional lotteries for those not selected in the initial H1B lottery results. This potential selection process is still uncertain and should be approached with cautious optimism.
  • I-797C Notice of Action Selected applicants will receive the I-797C Notice, a critical document in the h1b process, which includes vital information such as the h1b lottery results, beneficiary confirmation number, and the USCIS filing dates for the H1B petition, scheduled from April 1st to June 30th, 2024.

This information is crucial for applicants and employers to strategically plan their actions post-h1b lottery results announcement, ensuring they stay well-informed about the ongoing opportunities within the USCIS h1b visa program.

What's next if you get selected?

Achieving selection in the H-1B 'cap registration' is a momentous step in the h1b process! It's a time to celebrate your newfound eligibility to file an H-1B petition with USCIS and gear up for the next phases ahead.

  • Gather required documents:
    • Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the Department of Labor
    • Beneficiary's educational credentials and work experience
    • Employer's letter of support and job description
    • Proof of employer-employee relationship and ability to pay the offered wage
  • File the H-1B petition:
    • Complete Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
    • Include all required supporting documents
    • Pay the appropriate filing fees
    • Submit the petition to the correct USCIS service center based on your employer's location
  • Await USCIS processing:
    • USCIS will review your petition and may request additional evidence (RFE) if needed
    • Following approval, USCIS will issue an approval notice (Form I-797) along with an updated I-94 record, signifying a pivotal achievement in the processing of 'h1b petitions'.
    • The approval notice will indicate the validity period of your H-1B status
  • Apply for a visa (if applicable):
    • For applicants residing abroad, the next step in the h1b visa procedure, as delineated by USCIS, is to arrange a visa interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy during the 'cap season'.
    • Bring your H-1B approval notice, passport, and other required documents to the interview
    • Once your h1b visa is granted, USCIS authorizes you to enter the U.S. and begin your professional journey with your sponsoring 'employers', in accordance with the established regulations.

Securing a spot in the H-1B lottery is merely the first step and does not guarantee your petition's approval. The USCIS conducts a thorough review of each case, ensuring strict adherence to the h1b visa requirements. It's essential to work closely with your employer and immigration attorney, leveraging your professional skills to adeptly navigate the h1b process and boost your chances of a positive outcome.

Understanding Your Application Status

After the initial H-1B registration period concludes, the USCIS commences the h1b selection process, labeling registrations as 'Submitted', 'Selected', or 'Denied (Duplicated)'. Registrants with the 'Selected' status are prompted to file an H-1B cap-subject petition. Despite receiving a unique 19-digit identifier, this number does not enable case status tracking through the USCIS's Case Status Online system.

Be informed that the USCIS sends out h1b lottery results notifications in phases, which may last until March 31st or until they announce that all notices have been distributed. With a focus on integrity, the USCIS is cracking down on multiple registrations, issuing Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs) and revocation notices to those misusing the system, a strategy that may impact the number of h1b visa petitions in the FY 2025 season for those selected in the lottery.

Key points to remember:

  • The h1b process requires all H1B cap-subject petitions, including those eligible for the advanced degree exemption, to partake in the H1B registration process during the designated registration period. The USCIS supervises this essential step to ensure visas are allocated fairly and systematically.
  • The USCIS provides two specialized types of online accounts, one for legal representatives and another for prospective petitioners, each designed to streamline the electronic registration process for the h1b visa through an organizational account.
  • Every valid entry submitted during the initial registration window is considered in the h1b visa initial selection process, a system that is impartial to when the registration was made and is meticulously managed by the USCIS.
  • The registration fee is $10 per beneficiary [9].
  • The USCIS has scheduled the initial registration window for the h1b visa in fiscal year 2025 to open at noon Eastern on March 6 and close at noon Eastern on March 25, marking a critical registration period for applicants.

Alternatives if Not Selected in the H1B Lottery

If you weren't selected in the H-1B lottery, don't lose hope. There are a variety of h1b alternatives to explore that may align with your career goals and comply with USCIS regulations. These alternatives could provide a viable pathway to achieving your professional aspirations in the United States.

  1. Additional Lottery Selections Stay informed about the h1b lottery results, as USCIS may conduct up to two additional lottery selections based on the initial pool of petitions. These subsequent rounds could be your chance to secure an h1b visa, marking a pivotal moment in the h1b lottery 2024 cycle.
  2. Change of Status (COS): Seek other visa categories, like F1 Day 1 CPT, B1/B2 or J1, as suitable to your circumstances.
  3. Alternative Visa Options: Consider applying for other nonimmigrant visas, such as: 3. O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in their field [15] 3. L-1 visa for intracompany transferees in managerial positions [15] 3. The EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) is an excellent h1b alternative for those with exceptional ability or whose employment benefits the U.S. national interest, as recognized by USCIS. For those with extraordinary skills in their field, the o1 visa is another prestigious option to consider.
  4. F-1 OPT and STEM Extension: F-1 students have the option to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), an h1b alternative that permits employment on a student visa for up to 12 months, extendable by 24 months for STEM graduates. This provides a substantial timeframe to gain experience and reapply for the h1b visa, or potentially transition to an l1 visa for intra-company transfers.
  5. Day 1 CPT Pursue Higher Education: Enrolling in a master's or Ph.D. program can be a strategic h1b alternative, enhancing your qualifications for future H-1B employment opportunities. USCIS also acknowledges Day 1 CPT Universities as a viable option to maintain legal status and improve professional expertise, offering a unique educational and work opportunity.
  6. Cap-Exempt H-1B Jobs: Seeking employment with cap-exempt institutions, such as higher education, nonprofit, or governmental research organizations, is a smart h1b alternative. These entities have the privilege to petition for an h1b visa through USCIS at any time, bypassing the annual cap. Additionally, a cpt consultation can provide tailored advice for your unique situation, helping you navigate the complexities of visa regulations.
  7. Country-Specific Visas: Explore H-1B alternatives specific to your nationality, such as the E-3 visa for Australians, TN visa for Canadian and Mexican professionals, or the H-1B1 for individuals from Chile and Singapore. These routes, overseen by USCIS, provide practical solutions for those seeking H-1B visa substitutes, including options for intra-company transfers.Seeking the guidance of an immigration attorney is wise when considering H-1B alternatives, as they can offer insights into specialized knowledge that may be crucial for your situation, ensuring that you remain compliant with USCIS regulations.

The Impact of Multiple Rounds in the H1B Lottery System

The H-1B lottery 2024 has undergone significant changes, with employers and USCIS managing a record 780,884 registrations, an increase fueled by tech companies' repeated applications for the same candidates. This heightened competition highlights the need for employers to stay abreast of the latest H-1B visa updates.

With increased scrutiny, USCIS has escalated fraud investigations for the H-1B lottery 2024, leading to revoked petitions and stringent legal measures. Employers must note this shift in oversight for H-1B visa applicants, as evidenced by USCIS's implementation of a second lottery round for FY 2024 to fulfill the cap when necessary.

To ensure a fair and equitable process, USCIS may employ measures such as:

  1. To enhance the H-1B visa registration process, USCIS has integrated unique identifiers, such as passport numbers, into their immigration services, striving for a more equitable and fair system for all applicants.
  2. USCIS is dedicated to strengthening the electronic registration system for the H-1B visa, with a focus on reducing duplicate submissions by employers for the same individual, thus upholding the integrity of the visa process.
  3. In consideration of the need for fairness, USCIS is contemplating a second-round H-1B lottery 2024 during the registration period to rectify issues with invalidated registrations, ensuring an equitable opportunity for all H-1B visa hopefuls.
  4. To maintain the fairness of the H-1B visa selection process during the registration period, measures are in place to prevent any individual from increasing their chances unfairly, consistent with USCIS regulations.As the H-1B visa program evolves, employers and applicants must stay informed of USCIS updates and adhere to best practices, including avoiding duplicate registrations, meeting prevailing wage standards, and ensuring transparency throughout the application process.


Navigating the H-1B process is complex, requiring meticulous attention to detail. Keeping up-to-date with h1b USCIS announcements, understanding your H-1B visa application status, and exploring alternative options are strategic steps to improve your position in the competitive H-1B arena.

With the increasing demand for H-1B visas and continuous system changes, adaptability and a proactive approach are crucial. Whether you're navigating the H-1B process for the h1b lottery 2024 or exploring alternatives, perseverance and an informed strategy are key to achieving your career goals in the United States.

Most Asked Questions from our Students

To monitor your H-1B visa status, utilize your USCIS Online Account. This platform is an essential resource for petitioners to check their h1b USCIS status, receive updates promptly, and communicate with USCIS representatives.

510,791, approximately 1.5X more than this year.

The USCIS has concluded the h1b lottery 2024 results, signaling a significant moment for applicants and the immigration agency following the closure of the initial application period on March 25.

Participants in the h1b visa lottery 2023 are mandated to provide various personal documents to USCIS, such as passport biographical pages, updated CVs, and records of any current or previous visa statuses, to ensure a thorough assessment of their eligibility.

No, there is no appeal process for H1B lottery results.

Yes, applicants should prepare for H1B lottery results by ensuring all required documentation is in order, exploring alternative visa options, and staying informed about the latest updates to maximize their chances of success.

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