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Why is MBA the Most Popular Day 1 CPT Program

MBA is a popular major, with or without day 1 CPT option, because it provides students with a broad understanding of business operations, management principles, and leadership skills. It also prepares students for senior-level management roles in a variety of industries and offers opportunities for career advancement and higher salaries. Additionally, the practical experience and networking opportunities that come with an MBA program are valuable assets in the job market.



It is a very versatile degree. Many day 1 CPT universities have MBA programs and most of them provide more than one concentration. For example, the MBA program at Westcliff University, a popular Day 1 CPT program, covers 14 different concentrations.

As we all know, to have your CPT i-20 approved, you’ll need to find a job that is highly relevant to your study and convince USCIS of the same. That is why MBA is popular. Even international students who graduated with an art degree can use MBA day 1 CPT to find a job and get CPT approval.

Great choice for the 2nd master’s degree

In order to use your OPT after graduation, you have to make sure that your 2nd master's degree is in a different field from your 1st master's degree. Usually, most people do not choose MBAMost people will not choose MBA as their 1st graduate-level degree. Their 1st master's degree is usually closely related to their undergraduate major. However, only very few are lucky enough to get an H1B before using up the OPT that came with their 1st master’s degree. When this happens, most international students will consider enrolling in a day 1 CPT university to get a 2nd master's degree. Given the constraints mentioned above, MBA has become a great option for those who have completed both bachelor's and master's degrees in similar fields.

Can you recommend some MBA programs from reliable and accredited day 1 CPT universities?

Westcliff University – day 1 CPT MBA Program

  • Location: Irvine & Cerritos, CA; Miami, FL

  • Offers 14 concentrations including
  1. Digital and Strategic Marketing (STEM)

  2. Strategic and Innovative Leadership

  3. Financial Management

  4. Global Business

  5. Organizational Management

  6. Entrepreneurship

  7. Healthcare Administration (STEM)

  8. Data-Driven Decision-Making (STEM)

  9. Information Technology Management (STEM)

  10. Information Technology Project Management (STEM)

  • Tuition: $29,340

  • Scholarship: $1000 scholarship + others; contact our specialist to find out more about it.

  • Duration: 2 years

Sofia University – day 1 CPT MBA program

·      Location: Bay area & LA, CA

·      Has 4 concentrations

  1. Business Analytics

  2. Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

  3. Management of Technology and Innovation

  4. General Concentration

·      Tuition: $18,720

·      Scholarship: N/A

·      Duration: 2 years

CIAM - day 1 CPT MBA program

·      Location: LA

·      Has 3 concentrations

  1. Executive Management

  2. Project Management

  3. Business Analytics

·      Tuition: $24,000

·      Scholarship: can help you to apply for the $3,000 scholarship at CiAM, contact our consultant to find out more.

·      Duration: 1-2 years

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