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Day 1 CPT at Trine University

The master's programs at Trine University are designed to help students adapt to real-world working scenarios, which means internship/work experiences are integrated into the study plan. Due to this reason, even international students can obtain a CPT I-20 from day 1 and legally work in the U.S.

Day1CPT Application

Talk to your Academic Advisor and DSO to get permission for Day 1 CPT, Click here for a detailed Day1CPT consultation.

  1. Get an employment letter from your employer. The letter must contain the following information: dates of training; job description; the number of hours you will be working per week

  2. Select a 0. 5 credit hour CPT course

  3. DSO checks your materials and updates your I-20 info

  4. Once you receive the new I-20

  5. Remember to renew your CPT annually!

Onsite Requirements

  • Trine University has 3 semesters each year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Summer semester is 2 months; Fall & Spring semesters are 3.5 months.

  • To maintain F1 status, International students have to register for 2 courses (1 onsite course + 1 online course), and 6 units for every semester.

  • Onsite course requires students to attend class on campus once per semester, the onsite class will take place on weekends, (one day in the weekend) from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • Trine University is planning to change the onsite frequency to twice a semester

  • Students must attend the onsite course. If not, you will lose your F1 visa

  • Except for the specific day you attend the class onsite, the other classes are fully online. You could attend the class on Trine University's online learning system. Some of the classes are on Zoom but most are prerecorded or there is a Zoom discussion you can choose from.

  • During the summer semester, students are eligible to apply for a break, students of the summer term still can choose 0.5 credit hours for CPT, and then can work full time during the summer break.

Contact us to get the detailed list of Day1CPT universities!

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